Mentors expedite the training of Take Your Power Back Now™ clients by supporting and encouraging their professional development and providing active guidance to help them achieve their goals. 

The mentor offers a fresh perspective and an independent point of view, while using in-house Program Guidelines that fosters the growth and educational development of the client. 

Each mentor typically has in-depth experience in business and marketing areas such as Copywriting, Tech implementation, Social Media, Marketing and Video & Design, to name a few.  

Mentor Responsibilities


  • Following and developing mentoring plans for clients — mapping out training plans and schedules
  • ​Communicating with clients to understand their goals and ambitions
  • ​Assisting clients to discover and overcome their personal barriers and set goals

Job Brief

We are looking for enthusiastic and inspirational rockstar mentors to help our clients enhance their business skills and develop their business plan. We work with women worldwide who want to start their own coaching business with our amazing curriculum and mindset work. You will be working with clients who want guidance for business development and assistance in functional business operations.

Mentors must be eager to support clients and able to discover clients’ strengths and weaknesses and tell them what works best for them. We are looking for team players who take radical responsibility in every aspect of their lives, who enjoy empowering women, and understands how to hold safe space for our clients. Having communication skills partnered with critical thinking are prerequisites for this role.

A TYPBN mentor is an experienced and thoughtful leader who is committed to investing time to assist in the growth and development of our clients through the Program Guidelines and Curriculum — the mentor shares their knowledge, expertise and wisdom and acts as a guide and role model.

Our ideal candidate has experience with various training methods, including coaching, mentorship programs and e-learning, and possesses copywriting and tech skills. Experience with different projects, like management training and soft-skills development is also a plus.

If you can think of and design engaging ways to train our clients, we’d like to meet you .


  • Manage and organize coaching sessions and Program support call schedule including sending relevant reminder emails to client
  • ​One-on-one mindset mentor coaching sessions which are typically three sessions per client as follows: One (1) 90-minute jumpstart session; one (1) 60-minute midpoint session and one (1) 30-minute button-up session 
  • ​Provide coaching and support on membership site curriculum
  • ​Assist in copywriting client's compelling story during jumpstart calls, and provide one review of client's completed compelling story 
  • ​Monitoring and responding to client questions and comments in the client Facebook community (Business hours - Monday - Friday) 
  • ​Redirect clients to appropriate channels as needed (i.e. live calls, Facebook ads support, technical support, administrative support)
  • ​May occasionally be asked to host 30-minute Monday morning client weekly planning webinars or 2-hour Thursday afternoon open Q&A's
  • ​Develop effective mentoring plans
  • Communicate with clients to understand their goals and ambitions
  • ​Uphold standards for clients to keep them in lane and on track
  • ​Assist clients to discover and overcome their personal barriers and set goals
  • ​Assess the strengths of clients and teach them to use it effectively
  • ​Guide clients in learning to complete tasks
  • ​Help in the development of motivation and skills
  • ​Monitor and evaluate progress of clients
  • ​Keep records and documentation and prepare appropriate reports 
  • ​Alert leadership in the event any client issues or emergencies come up


  • ​Proven experience as a mentor/coach: at least one year of professional coaching experience and familiarity of the coaching industry​
  • ​Strong mindset coaching skills
  • ​Excellent Copywriting skills
  • ​Very good Tech and social media skills, must be a frequent user of Facebook
  • Ability to adhere to regulations and standards
  • ​Working knowledge of GSuite
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • ​Excellent organizational and problem-solving ability 
  • Respect to diversity
  • ​Be able to effectively navigate various personality types and adapt to their learning style
  • ​Ability to inspire and motivate
  • ​Live by example​
  • ​Flexible schedule with the ability to have weekend availability if needed
  • ​Higher education degree is a plus
  • ​This is a remote position, you must have reliable computer equipment and internet connection
  • ​This is a Independent Contractor position (1099 for US applicants)
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